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School Activities


The academic year start from 1st April and ends on 31st  march of the following year.


     At the time of admission to Class-I,the child should complete 5 years on  30th September of the year.Similarly for admission to Class-II,the child should complete 6 year on 30th September of the year and so on.


   In each academic year the Vidyalaya will hold following tests and examinations.

(i)Unit Tests(minimum 3 ),(ii)Cumulative Teste(November),(iii)Annual Examination(march) Minimum attendance necessary for Annual Examination.


 After last 3 days notice in writing on a prescribed form is to given duly signed by the parent/guardian before with drawing a student from the school.


Medical Check-Up to the students will be done twice in a year.


The House system-The School provides all opportunities to every child for his/her physical moral and mental development and with this end in view,All the co-curricular and sports activities are arganized,Housewise in the School.

1.Physical:The School has arrangements to provide the following games and sports for all the students.

a. Foot-ball        b. Hockey      c. Cricket         d. Volley-ball

 e. Throw-ball     f. Badminiton     g. Table-Tenis   f. Athletic     

i. Kho-Kho          j. Kabaddi          k. Basket-ball

2.Literary:Debates,Essay Writing ,Recitation,Declamition,Diaeogues

               Quiz , Anthakshri etc.

     3.Social and Cultural: Music (Vocal & Instrumental)

     4.Scout and Guide          5.Unesco Club     6.Nature Club

     7.Adventure Club      8.Science Club     9.Readers Club


    A Child may be allowed leave in very special case by the principal.The application should be sent to the school on the same day or latest by next day ,duly signed by the father or guardian of the child .During Test and Examination no leave will be allowed except on medical grounds and a medical cirtificate from authorized medical officer has to be submitted along with the application long leave on any other ground shall not be allowed ordinarily expect under very special circumstances and at the risk of the guardian himself/herself.


No Child is expected to be absent from school without a valid reason and a leave application from the guardian.If a child continues to be absent for 10 working days without any valid leave application his name name shall be struck off the rolls of the school for continued absence and he/she may be readimitted to the school at the discretion of the school authority on payment of admission fee of Rs. 52/-.In case of absence due to sickness Medical Cirtificate from a registered practioner should be submitted on the day of rejoining the school.

  Vidyalaya Uniform:


    Classes Boys                           Girls

   I to VII    White shirts with half                     White blouse with half

               sleeves and two pocket                   sleeves & ‘V’ neck,red

               without flaps & tie-collar.             Ribbon,Navy-blue skits

               navy blue shorts with two            with knife cut plates.

               pockets,navy-blue handkerchief

               for Sikh students.

 IX to XII     Shirts as above.                        Navy-blue kameez with

               navy-blue pant with two                 with half sleeves & ‘V’

               pockets,navy-blue Turban              neck white pyajama or

               for Sikhs.                             Salwar white Dupattah

 All Classes  Black shoes with laces         Black shoes without

               and white socks without                  laces & white socks

               band.                                  Without bands.

     P.T Dress     White shorts with white                    White blouse & skirts

               white shirts,white canvas shoes,         and white canvas shoes

               white socks without band & white          white socks without band

               handkerchief for Sikhs.                   White ribbon.


     winter     Navy-blue blazer with two brass          Navy-blue blazer with

               Buttons or Navy-blue pull-over      two brass button or

               Full sleeves ‘V’ necks.                  Navy-blue Cardigan

                                                  Round neck

School library and reading room

         Each child is expected to make full use of the school library

     and the reading room. He/She can get one book at a time for one week on his/her

     card. He/She may be allowed to have two books at a time on special recommendation of the Class Teacher.

     Children should observe the rules of the library ,reading room as enforced from time to time.

      If a student fails to return the book loaned to him within the due

     date a fine at the rate of Rs.5.00 per book per week from the date return shall be levied in the case of willful delays only.  They should keep the library card safe and take it back when thereturn the book .A second card shall be issued only on payment of Rs.1/- as a fine. This money is deposited in the Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi.

  Rules of the school

     1.On working days and functions children are expected to wear the uniform prescribed for the session. They must come to school neatly dressed, else they will be sent back and will be liable to disciplinary action.

     2.Children are strictly forbidden to go out of the school during the school hours without permission from the concerned class teacher.

     3.Books,Note-books,Bags,Tiffin-box etc should bear the name and class of the owner.The school is not responsible for any such thing that gets lost.

     4.Those who bring bicycles should keep them properly locked at the place fixed for them.

     5.Once a student attends the school he/she will not be allowed for any sort leave. In cases of a emergency, the child should be escorted home by the parent with the written permission of the principal.

     6.Class monitors shall maintain the class discipline in the absence of the teacher.All students should co-operate with the monitor in maintain the discipline  of the class.

     7.No students shall go out of the class without class-pass.

     8.No student shall loiter in the Vidyalaya and disturb the teacher of the other classes. Free time is to be properly utilized in the reading room and library.

  Parents are requested:

     I-To check the diaries of their children at least once a week and ensure that instructions are being following by their wards properly.

     II-Co-operate with the school in ensuring an effective education of their children.This can be done by (I) providing facilities of studies at home.

(ii)providing Test books note-books and other requirements of your wards,

(iii)Assisting & guiding in doing home work,(iv)Assisting your ward in removing his deficiency in particular subject.(v)Depositing fees as per rules,(vi)providing proper school uniform,(vii)Assisting their ward in depositing project work in time.

 III-See and countersign the remarks in the School Calander regularly.

IV-Not to send their wards to school when they are having any infectious disease.

V-Ensure that their wards are escorted safely to school and back home.

VI-See that their wards complete and deposit  project work/assignments in time.

 VII-Meet the Principal/Class teachers at regular intervals to ensure child’s progress .

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